Hedonism II pool party theme night Forget Vegas, don’t bother with Ibiza: Hedonism II is the place for you. Where else can you: Spend the day relaxing on the beach, watching tropical fish swim by your toes? Walk naked to a bar and ask for a ‘sex on the beach’? Have someone come up to you with a smile, begging you to help them win Hedo dollars in a wildly sexy competition? See the latest bikini fashions from Italy? Learn how to say, ‘will you sleep with me’ in five different languages? Always have friends for dinner? See live entertainment before dinner with the fabulous and memorable talent Jamaica has to offer? Watch the sunset with that special someone?

Good morning! Your first morning at Hedonism II, you can’t wait to get out of your room. There is the large water slide for you to play on. Your choice of nude or prude pool to party in. You’ll never be able to try all the drinks they can make you. It’s always fun to meet new people. You really need to remind yourself to go snorkeling or diving. Remember to go sailing or go on a booze cruise at least once!

Enter the night. The beach party slows down with the setting sun. The gorgeous sunsets light up the evening sky, then settles down to the dim twilight that allows for quiet evening walks on the beach, laying in a hammock, or finding that quiet and private place for fun that only the rosy colors of the evening sky can provide.

Hedonism II toga party theme night You will see couples entering the night dressed up for their dinner reservations. At Hedonism II, you are encouraged to bring a date. Yes, during the day, ask people to join you for dinner. They have very good Italian and Japanese restaurants. It’s always fun to eat at the buffet. The food is excellent, and the choices are many. This also gives you a chance to be a social butterfly, and talk to all your new friends.

People also take this time for a nap. The second party is just beginning!

After dinner, the bars fill up; the dresses are slimmed down (and up). After a day of drinking naked or almost naked with your party buddies, there is not a lot that they haven't already seen! That makes evening attire a classy and risqué event.

Hedonism II fetish party theme night At the famous piano bar. You can sing along to a list of songs, or just listen and enjoy. Hedonism II provides great shows every night: dance, steel drum, and live bands. Next stop, the disco! Hedonism has different theme nights. Pirates, fetish, and my favorite, toga night. Not everybody dresses up (except for pajama and toga night is mandatory to enter the disco). You would think Hollywood designers invaded the place. The grandeur and the pageantry!

Last February, at night at the disco we saw a line of naked people waiting to go up, then down the slide. Some people just took of their disco cloths, jumped screaming down the slide, talked and chatted while they dried off; then put on their disco attire, and back to the dance floor.

The evening ends in different ways for people. Lying in a hammock with your love, listening to the ocean; chatting with your new friends in a hot tub; or trying to decide which suite after party to go to! No night is complete without a tour of the optional or nude pool. If you have the energy to take off your cloths, you have to walk by. (What happens there at night, I'll leave to your imagination.)


Check back soon for more details.


Dress to Impress As a Sexy School Girl, Nerd, Principal or Cheerleader
Aaargh!! Jamaican Colors with Sexy Booty Shorts and Hot Pirates & Wenches
Tease & Tempt in Sexy Lingerie or Pajamas. The Sexiest Party of the Week   Required for the disco
Expose Your Alter Ego & Fetish in an Intoxicating Atmosphere of Fantasy Fashion Frenzy
You will look stunning in Black & White under Jamaican Stars
It’s your Rock Star Night! Party like A Rock Star!
Doll Yourselves Up But Don’t Forget to Add Some Mystery.
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